Staff Picks: Jewelry for nerds, an action-figure Twitter feed, and a video game that’s worth the effort

@suekichiii action-figure Twitter account


— すえきち (@suekichiii) January 2, 2017

I’m late to the party on this one, but I’ve become obsessed with this Japanese Twitter account called @suekichiii. It’s full of little four-panel comics made using high-end action figures, the kind with lots of articulation and even switchable heads with different facial expressions. Using those figures, some photo effects, and a handful of miniature sets and props, suekichiii is able to create clever little one-gag stories and, more impressively, a handful of charming recurring characters. Most of the feed revolves around the continuing adventures of Freddie Mercury and Bruce Lee, imagined here as buddy-comedy BFFs. Freddie is the straight man and Bruce is the mischievous asshole who never stops busting his chops. They get up to plenty of general chicanery, but some of their funniest outings feature guest spots from the likes …

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