Staff Picks: From cats categorized to comedy improvised, we’ve got suggestions

Cats Categorized Poster

Pop Chart Lab is a treasure chest of beautifully designed posters covering a wide range of interests, from the evolution of video game controllers to fictive beers. I recently acquired the “Cats Categorized” poster, because I want to be one of those people who can easily identify cat breeds and this seemed like a good way to learn. The chart organizes cats from hairless, short-haired, medium-haired, and long-haired, further breaking breeds down by body size and geographical origin. But what makes the poster a good addition to my living room is the artwork of each breed, with individual cats posed in precisely the way cats themselves pose. The looks on their faces, too, are true to life: The Turkish Van cat looks up with the perpetually affronted look some cats have; the Burmilla sits in awkward half-stance, face pleading for attention; the Egyptian Mau is on the …

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