Staff Picks: Flapper history, a bizarre comic book, and some disco funk from Nite-Funk

Flapper by Joshua Zeitz

Flapper culture is all the rage now, with seemingly thousands of weddings, birthday parties, and bachelorette parties each year planned around a vague “flapper” or “let’s wear feather headbands” theme. But how did the trend start, and just what did it mean to actually be a flapper? Joshua Zeitz’s Flapper: A Madcap Story Of Sex, Style, Celebrity, And The Women Who Made America Modern attempts to answer that question through excellent historical reporting, looking at everyone from Zelda Fitzgerald to Louise Brooks. Did you know, for instance, that we only started really getting standardized (or bastardized, depending on who you ask) clothing sizes around the age of the flapper, in part because it helped sell more clothes to a culture that was increasingly more interested in consumption? The same goes for makeup. Prior to the flapper era, it was taboo to wear it, because …

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