Staff Picks: Collected posters, an electronic music doc, and an album that still rips

The Delian Mode

The work of Delia Derbyshire has been deeply influential to electronic musicians and fans for decades, but the last 10 years in particular have seen a surge of interest bring a lot more about her to light; 2016 alone produced a rerelease of BBC Radiophonic Workshop 21 (this time with credits) and a record of never-heard work. Recently I was reminded to check out 2009’s The Delian Mode, a short (25-minute) but insightful look into Derbyshire’s unconventional life and mind. The film itself mimics her experimental spirit with a collage of sound and images illuminating the labored, mathematical process behind some of her visionary sound treatments, most famously the original Doctor Who theme. It’s easy enough to appreciate Derbyshire’s artistry just by listening, but seeing her pre-synthesizer process broken down—in a modern world of wild sounds just a click or touch away …

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