Staff Picks: An addictive puzzle, forceful stickers, and a coloring book fit for a prince

Prince: The Coloring Book

I’ve never really gotten into adult coloring books, partially because I don’t have the time and partially out of a lack of motivation. But I can get down with Prince: The Coloring Book, the latest in independent publisher Feral House’s line of grown-up activity books dedicated to fallen rock gods. (Bowie and Lemmy have received similar tributes.) From the introduction casting a suspicious eye on the official cause of Prince’s death—the words “Illuminati conspiracy theory” are evoked at one point—you know this isn’t kids’ stuff, an impression that carries through some of the book’s more titillating illustrations. (As we all know, a sexless Prince tribute would be no Prince tribute at all.) Yes, your dream of coloring in Prince’s bikini briefs will be fulfilled several times over, among the 42 different interpretations of the Purple One rendered …

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