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Waxwork Records 2015 subscription

Soundtrack collectors are currently spoiled for choice when it comes to vinyl editions of cult horror movie scores, thanks to labels like the recently merged Death Waltz Records and Mondo, which have labored to elevate the long-neglected musical cues behind exploitation fare into something approaching genuine art. Though relatively new, Waxwork Records has already established itself in that increasingly crowded field with eye-and-ear-stunning reissues of soundtracks to Re-Animator, Rosemary’s Baby, Friday The 13th, and Day Of The Dead, and in 2015, it’s following Death Waltz’s lead by setting up a subscription program. For $175, members get five titles automatically shipped to them in 2015—including the impossible-to-find scores to C.H.U.D. and Phase IV, Danny Elfman’s masterful Nightbreed, and others still to be announced—with limited-edition colored vinyl, plus bonus merchandise like apparel, pins, and patches. If you’re a …

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