Staff Picks: A witchy webseries, a kickass trailer, and a TV show everyone should watch

Brujos webseries

I’ve talked up Open TV in this space before, but I can’t help that its programming has been great and so relevant to my interests. Samantha Bailey’s You’re So Talented offered a previously unseen Chicago, and she followed that up with Brown Girls, which has become one of my favorite series about female friendships. Then I heard about Brujos, which is a new webseries about queer Latinx witches who are basically fighting white supremacy. Um, sí! please. Its undeniable queerness and brownness will serve as a high bar for entry for some, but for others—namely, queer and brown folks—it will feel like a Buffy The Vampire Slayer that was made for them. Creator-writer (and MacArthur fellow) Ricardo Gamboa stars as Panfilo in the series, which offers a bold new portrayal of marginalized, radicalized people on the small screen. Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke co-directs …

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