Staff Picks: A TV series, a webseries, and 3 newly reissued soundtracks

Married season two

I won’t succumb to the tired cliché of “the best show you aren’t watching” to talk about Married, but it’s so tempting: Judy Greer and Nat Faxon excellently portray a long-time married couple, pushing 40 and painfully aware of how their lives haven’t turned out the way they’d hoped. It’s a startlingly realistic portrait of a certain type of marriage—restlessly settled, a little resentful, but ultimately loving—that can hit awfully close to home for viewers in similar situations. Faxon and especially Greer are winning, and the supporting cast elevates the show as a whole: Brett Gelman as Faxon’s wealthy, supremely damaged friend; Jenny Slate as Faxon’s party-girl friend married to a much older man (Paul Reiser, also fantastic); and John Hodgman as another one of Faxon’s pals and co-workers. In the second season, Faxon has found …

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