Staff Picks: A sweeping score, a tried-and-true comic, and a splendid video game series

Carter Burwell’s Olive Kitteridge score

I hadn’t gotten around to watching HBO’s adaptation of Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge by the time it came one award short of a clean sweep in the Limited Series categories at last year’s Emmys. With so much great television on, I wasn’t sure I’d ever get around to it, but I was certain I had to track down Carter Burwell’s terrific score after hearing snippets of it as Olive Kitteridge‘s many winners walked to the stage to collect their awards. It hasn’t been made commercially available, which is a bummer because the only way to hear it is to visit Burwell’s website. But it’s worth the trip, since the piano-heavy compositions are as beautiful and emotive as anything Burwell has done. That’s high praise considering his long-running creative relationship with Joel and …

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