Staff Picks: A screen print artist, an adorable supercut, and a new album from an old favorite

Artist Erica Williams

While the world is jam-packed full of illustrators better than myself, few really hit me in the face with that knowledge like Erica Williams and her screen prints. Her work is so intricate, beautiful, and wild that it makes me mad. Mad at myself mostly, for the toddler’s doodles I produce compared to her phenomenal work. Currently working out of Minneapolis, Williams specializes in lush neoclassical floral patterns framing various animals, themselves hung with beads and arcane relics or pierced through by blades. It’s part religious iconography, part Victorian storybook illustration. Her linework is immaculate, and a restrained color palette really brings out the strong design sense of her compositions. She has prints for sale on her website, along with updates on bands she’s doing commission work for, events she’s attending, and extensively detailed profiles of her cats. She also has T-shirts for …

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