Staff Picks: A pair of headphones, a new amp, and a bunch of party-friendly video games

Science Amplification

At the start of summer my guitar amplifier—a Sovtek MIG-50—finally bit the dust. The amp was not without its problems, but when playing vintage equipment these are things you expect and accept. That is until the circuit board fried, leaving me with the option to repair it for far more than what the amp was worth or trash it and find something new. I agonized over the decision, finally deciding that I’d leave the vintage amp game behind and instead enter the world of boutique, hand-wired amps. After months of weighing my options I settled on Science Amplification, a Portland, Oregon company known for its signature heads and custom builds. I sent over 50 emails to Science’s founder and chief builder Alex Gaziano before I placed my order, finally landing on a 100-watt Hellhawk and a cabinet loaded with two 12-inch speakers.

Throughout the …

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