Staff Picks: A mid-century magazine, an acclaimed film, and a surprise EP

Atomic Ranch magazine

MTV Cribs never did much for me; the sleek contemporary penthouses generally favored by the rich and famous always look like the kind of place where you’d be afraid to sit on the couch. But I’m not immune to the kitschy charms of a floating fireplace, which is why the home magazine Atomic Ranch is my aspirational architecture porn of choice. Yes, mid-century modern has become a design cliché in the post-Mad Men era, and a $3,000 Eames chair is ultimately as overpriced and ridiculous as anything in Mariah Carey’s penthouse. But it’s my kind of overpriced and ridiculous, damn it, and a reasonable flea-market facsimile—or a wood-paneled den, for that matter—isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility. [Katie Rife]

The End Of The Tour

Here’s a terrible confession for a literate, wordy dude to …

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