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Little Box Of Horrors

Horror has a surfeit of great scores. Composers have turned in soundtracks to films that non-fans likely never even realize possess them. And for those of us who can hum the themes to various killers and iconic scenes from memory, the chance to treat our ears to these compositions apart from their source material can often be a difficult task to accomplish. Thankfully, Varèse Sarabande records—the most productive producers of film music worldwide—have taken it upon themselves to try and make a dent in the backlog of out-of-print masterworks and previously unreleased CD soundtracks with a great new collection.

Little Box Of Horrors is a 12-album assembly of some of horror’s more underappreciated scores, often to films not properly appreciated for containing the work of such talented composers. Howard Shore’s work on The Fly, Brad Fiedel’s score for The Serpent And …

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