Staff Picks: A kids’ book, Netflix series, and noise machine that’ll all help you sleep

5-Minute Star Wars Stories

My 4-year-old daughter has never seen any Star Wars movie, but when she started hearing about them from some older kids at preschool, she became deeply fascinated with the stories and characters. At first it surprised me, but the films are fundamentally a “good guys vs. bad guys” tale, which matches how little kids see the world. While she’s still too young to watch the films—though we’ve watched the various Rogue One trailers a couple dozen times—she can make do with this genius book from Disney and LucasFilm. First, each of its 11 stories can be read, as the title suggests, in five minutes, which helps at bedtime. Second, the stories turn a scene or scenes from each of the seven Star Wars films into kid-friendly stories. (A couple films, like The Force Awakens, get more than one.) The pod race from …

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