Staff Picks: A Japanese surf LP, a lived-in PS4 game, and some Minnesota duds

Sota Clothing

If you have any ties to the state of Minnesota, Sota Clothing is worth checking out. I stumbled across the retail site on a night when I was feeling particularly nostalgic for Duluth, the city that teenage me would travel 45 minutes to for a chance to see a movie or go shopping, and where I would later attend my first year of college. Spencer Johnson also attended the University Of Minnesota Duluth, where one of his design classes required him to create branding for a fictional company. Eventually Johnson’s simple designs featuring canoe paddles, the state shape, and the state admittance number (32) helped Sota Clothing become a reality. Continually finding inspiration from the northern shores of Lake Superior, Johnson has stocked his online store with glassware, shirts, hats, and a few fun and practical accessories—such as a floaty keychain and a beer koozie, which …

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