Staff Picks: A horror movie streaming service, a video-friendly video game, and Joy Division

Joy Division, vinyl reissues

Joy Division was a huge gateway band for me—one of the first non-Top 40 acts that broke into my brain as a teen. When our family got our first CD player (R.I.P., CD players), it came with a gift certificate to Radio Doctors, where I purchased The Sugarcubes’ Life’s Too Good and Joy Division’s Substance, both of which were played into oblivion. Substance was a weird one, its name an homage to the hit compilation released by New Order—the band Joy Division became after singer Ian Curtis killed himself—and its track list more a mishmash than a greatest hits. But it’s an essential part of the band’s story, and it’s just been issued on vinyl for the first time with its CD tracklist intact, now on two pieces of heavyweight wax instead of one, and featuring …

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