Staff Picks: A fun game for road trips, a Dan Savage play, and Roar

MIRACLE!, a play by Dan Savage

You think you’re liberal and open-minded, and then you start editing and fact-checking Dan Savage’s columns. We often joke on the A.V. Club copy desk that our browser search histories need to be bleached after we get Savage Love on the site each week: We’ve learned about vore, urethral relocation, and, in a particularly memorable column, a person who stuck the head of a decapitated snake up their urethra.

Thus enlightened, we of course jumped at the opportunity to see Savage’s play, MIRACLE!, which is showing at Mary’s Attic in Chicago and thankfully does not involve anything about snakes or urethras. The Miracle Worker in drag, MIRACLE! is Savage’s reinterpretation of the tale of Annie Sullivan teaching the young deaf and blind Helen Keller. Savage’s play stars Steve Love as deaf, blind drag queen Helen Stellar …

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