Staff Picks: A fighting game, a superhero show, and some incredibly handy pocket cloths

Marvel’s Daredevil

I’m a little late to the party on this one, but nothing in recent months (outside the increasingly, and brilliantly, insane third season of Hannibal) has grabbed me as hard as as Netflix’s first attempt at putting together its own superhero TV show. I resisted Daredevil at first; I’m not immune to the charm of a fun Marvel movie, but their relentlessly crowd-pleasing nature almost always turns me off around the time cities start disappearing in clouds of CGI explosions. But once I let my friends’ recommendations overwhelm me and gave it a try, I discovered that, outside of the first Iron Man, Daredevil is the best Marvel-related property to make it to the screen so far. Much has been made of Vincent D’Onofrio’s screen-stealing decision to play Kingpin Wilson Fisk as a man first and a villain second, but his appeal …

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