Staff Picks: A fancy coffeemaker, a strategic board game, and a band called Shopping


I’ve been a coffee addict for a long time, but I only recently became a coffee snob. That’s how I got into the AeroPress method of coffee brewing. It’s not the most aesthetically pretty of the coffee-brewing methods—managing editor Laura M. Browning correctly opined that it has all the charm of medical equipment—but what it lacks in good looks it makes up in results. The AeroPress uses a plunging method, sort of like a French press, except here you’re pressing the water plus grounds through a paper or metal filter straight into your cup, rather than pressing the grounds to the bottom of the French press. The AeroPress makes the cleanest cup of coffee I’ve ever had, and even if you’re not into weighing the coffee or obsessed with getting the right grind, this method is actually pretty hard to fuck …

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