Staff Picks: A desk accessory, a political documentary, and a superior pen

Helicone Kinetic Sculpture

Come to think of it, there hasn’t been much recent innovation in the realm of executive’s desk toys, at least not since the 1980s. There’s the stress ball, Newton’s cradle, the Magic 8 Ball, the desk zen garden. Now, Stanford design professor John Edmark has created a hypnotic sculpture that owners will find impossible to stop fussing. Employing 38 pieces of laser-cut wood, the Helicone Kinetic Sculpture transforms from a pinecone to a helix—in the most mesmerizing way possible—with a twist of the wrist. Really, it’s best articulated visually. [Kevin Pang]

Street Fight

Given the current state of affairs, it seems downright sadistic to recommend a documentary about a reprehensible political campaign driven by lies, accusations of immorality, and racial dog whistles. But Marshall Curry’s 2005 documentary Street Fight (newly available on Netflix) is still fascinating And it’s …

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