Staff Picks: A delicious-looking Instagram, Japan’s most famous artist, and Miley Cyrus

A pastry chef’s Instagram

Julie Thorsen is a pastry chef in Milwaukee, where we worked together at my grandparents’ spice shop from the time I was about 8 to last year when I moved away. So I started following her Instagram because we’re friends, but I’m recommending it here because it provides a really cool insight into bands and musicians not available anywhere else. When acts come to Milwaukee, they usually play at one of the three Pabst theaters, and are provided dinner at the venue. Thorsen makes the desserts and posts them on her Instagram account. Mini lemon mousse for Neutral Milk Hotel, beet panna cotta with lemon mousse for Alabama Shakes, red velvet cupcakes for Tame Impala—the desserts the musicians eat with their dinner when on the road provide a great little peek into the actual humans who make up bands. Mostly Thorsen bakes …

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