Staff Picks: A coffeemaker, some headphones, and a simple, addictive smartphone game

PSB M4U 1 model headphones

As an owner of Beats headphones, I’m irritated when people tell me there are better headphones available at a lower price. Even if true, that’s a matter to be sorted out between me, my ears, and my bank account. But with my Beats on their last leg, I figured I’d research premium headphones and try something else. I stumbled on PSB’s M4U 1 model and decided to give them a try. While I still want snobby audiophiles to stop minding my wallet, I at least understand their arguments now. As a bass fanatic, there’s usually no such thing as too much low end for me, but the PSB’s highs are so crisp and clear, I don’t mind trading some of the lows. I’m listening to my favorite songs and hearing instruments I had no idea were there …

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