Staff Picks: A brewery, some reinvented tunes, and a new record from an old classic

21st Amendment Brewery

Of all of the Amendments, I’d have to say that the 21st is the most American. After all, it’s just declaring “take backs” on the 18th Amendment and what’s more American than saying, “Oops, I goofed”? San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Brewery celebrates this fantastic piece of legislation and the spirit of the U.S.A. the best way it knows how: by brewing and selling tasty, affordable beer. Founded in 2000, the brewery has steadily been expanding its reach ever since, and just rolled its product out to bars and retailers across Chicago last month. A big selling point for me, initially, was the branding: Each brew bears an amusing name and has a beautifully designed can that embraces certain hallmarks of American iconography and history. My very first introduction to 21st Amendment was the warm-weather selection Hell Or High Watermelon. While I …

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