Staff Picks: A board game, a computer game, and a Switch game that’s not Zelda

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Cooperative games are the best sorts of games, especially if you’re a naturally competitive person. Instead of pitting people against each other, these games encourage players to work together for a common goal, and no sensitive feelings are hurt at the end. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is cooperative, addicting, and a game unlike any other I’ve played. The gist of it is a bomb-diffusion scenario. Imagine that, for some reason, you’re alone in a room with a bomb that’s about to go off in two minutes. You don’t know how to diffuse it, but in a different location, several people have the manual containing the instructions to diffuse it. You’re on the phone with them; they can see the manual but not what the bomb looks like; you can see exactly what the bomb looks like, but not …

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