Staff Picks: A beautiful PC game, some Krautrock, and Chicago-style eats

Ori And The Blind Forest

As I do every time they come around, I took advantage of the latest massive summer sale on Steam to fill out holes in my PC gaming library (currently numbering 434 games, I inform you with an even mixture of pride and shame). But if I’m being honest, I often feel like I enjoy owning the games, with the ability to play them in some potential time-rich future, more than I do playing them; I can’t count how many are just sitting idly in my roster, watching enviously while I boot up The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth or Dark Souls for the hundredth time.

But when I snagged Ori And The Blind Forest, I thought it might have a chance. Everything I’d heard about the lusciously animated, brutally hard action platformer suggested it would sit firmly in my wheelhouse. And, since I …

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