Staff Picks: A beautiful iOS game, a Simpsons-infused play, and a bit of the Manchester sound

Alto’s Adventure

This iOS endless runner game—or, in this case, endless snowboarder game—has already gotten a lot of love in the enthusiast press for its visuals. And it earns those plaudits: Playing as a snowboarder who’s trying to catch a bunch of escaped llamas, you cruise through an atmospheric landscape that features bucolic villages, breathtaking sunsets, and stirring weather effects. (Boarding through a rainstorm has never been such a pleasure.) But Alto’s Adventure deserves as much praise for the way it moves. Although it takes a bit of time to get its particular rhythm of sliding, jumping, and grinding into your muscle memory, the effort is worth it, because with a little practice you’ll find yourself conducting mini-symphonies of snowboard tricks with a seemingly effortless flow. Danger: You might think you’ll just play Alto’s Adventure for a few minutes, but then you …

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