Sponsored Post: Watch the first episode of Comedy Central’s Big Time In Hollywood, FL before it hits TV

Comedy Central’s new Ben Stiller-produced series, Big Time In Hollywood, FL, premieres next Wednesday on TV, but Comedy Central is making the whole debut episode available on The A.V. Club today. It’s right there at the top of this page! You can’t miss it.

The opening half hour, “Severance,” introduces us to the two aspiring (and delusional) auteurs at the center of the show. Ben and Jack are just a couple of kids with a dream. All they want is to continue turning out hits like Bad Cop Worse Cop 2 and Blind For Life while they live rent-free at their parents home. But with the boys entering their thirties, the filmmakers’ parents have decided it’s time for them to move out. The brothers respond as any mature artists would: by inventing an elaborate ruse to trick their parents into giving them $20,000 of …

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