Sponsored Post: Martin Henderson of Sundance TV’s The Red Road answered your questions

We recently asked you, A.V. Club readers, to provide some questions for Martin Henderson, the star of SundanceTV’s The Red Road, to answer. And answer questions he did; did yours make the cut? Find out in this Q&A, brought to you by SundanceTV. The show’s second season debuts tonight, April 2, 10/9c on SundanceTV.

Who was your biggest hero growing up?—John

Martin Henderson: My dad was my hero when I was a young boy. And then it’s a toss-up between Han Solo, the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team, and Marlon Brando.

Are there too many cop shows on TV? How is yours different?—Matt

Martin Henderson: If they’re all as good as The Red Road, then no. But if they’re just the run of the mill cop shows, then maybe it’s a bit overdone. The Red Road is not typical …

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