Sponsored Post: Ask I’m Sorry’s Andrea Savage anything you like

You’ve seen Andrea Savage in everything from Sweet Valley High to Step Brothers to Veep. Now she’s starring in her own comedy, I’m Sorry, loosely based on her life as a comedian, writer, wife, and mother. The title comes from Savage’s character’s knack for wandering into embarrassing and revealing situations. The show premieres on truTV on July 12th, but you can go ahead and watch the whole pilot here.

To mark the start of her new show, Savage will answer questions in a video for A.V. Club readers. You can ask her anything, but if you have specific queries about how to navigate unexpected and awkward life situations, now may be the perfect time. Just send her your question at avcontests@theonion.com, or post in the comments below; check back soon to see if she’s answered it in a future piece for …

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