Soundtracks Of Our Lives: The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack is the film dork’s secret musical weapon

As meticulously crafted as everything else about his films, Wes Anderson’s soundtracks are indispensable primers for the musically agnostic movie dork. Never dug into The Kinks? Cue up The Darjeeling Limited. Ignorant of The Who? Rushmore is there. Is your Bowie knowledge lacking? The Life Aquatic has you covered (in Portuguese, to boot). It’s a move right out of the Max Fischer playbook: Drop the right signifiers, amp up your confidence, and never let the other guy see you sweat. Anderson’s soundtracks can form the spine of a pretty respectable record collection—or at least, give you the quick, digested version of one. That’s especially true if, like me, you were a teen who spent more time playing through the cave levels of video games than spelunking through The Velvet Underground. Even today, I’m not a “music guy.” I have songs and artists I love …

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