SketcHistory: With “Grow-A-Guy,” SNL saved the weird stuff for James Franco

In SketcHistory, The A.V. Club gets the story behind some of our favorite comedy sketches from the people who made them.

The sketch: “Grow-A-Guy” from the 40th season of Saturday Night Live

The story: Several high-school students chat around a lake house campfire. When resident bully Clint (Beck Bennett) calls out Trevor (Mike O’Brien) for not having any friends, the timid high schooler has a week to prove him wrong. Trevor secretly orders a Grow-A-Guy kit, and after adding the special Grow-A-Guy powder to a bowl of water, watches as a small, amorphous blob gradually grows into something resembling an adult man (James Franco). Trevor names his Grow-A-Guy “Chad” and teaches him basic human interaction. The following weekend at the lake house, Chad wins everyone over—including Clint the bully—with his charm, only to accidentally out himself as a Grow-A-Guy when he asks what hashtags are. Having …

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