Silly Little Show-Biz Book Club: Holly Madison’s fascinating memoir takes down Hef and everyone else

Silly Little Show-Biz Book Club is Nathan Rabin’s ongoing exploration of books involving show business, with a special emphasis on the very bad and the very sleazy.

Down The Rabbit Hole—The Girls Next Door star Holly Madison’s scathing tell-all about life inside the Playboy mansion—reminds me an awful lot of the worst book I’ve ever written about for this column: Dustin Diamond’s jaw-droppingly hateful memoir Behind The Bell. Both Diamond and Madison posit themselves not as C-list celebrities peddling sordid sleaze for a quick buck, but as truth-tellers.

In Diamond and Madison’s minds, it is their sacred obligation to go beyond the glittering facade of the pop-culture touchstones that made them famous and disabuse what they imagine are the public’s intense delusions about their life and work. Diamond seemed to labor under the misconception that the public saw Saved By The Bell …

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