Set List: John Lydon on PIL, drinking with Todd Rundgren, and singing for Edie Brickell

In Set List, we talk to veteran musicians about some of their most famous songs, learning about their lives and careers, and maybe hearing a good backstage anecdote or two in the process.

The artist: Johnny Rotten fronted the Sex Pistols; John Lydon continues to front Public Image Ltd. If there’s any question as to whether there’s any intrinsic difference between the two, it’s answered within the first few moments of The A.V. Club‘s conversation with Lydon, when he asks, “I’ll just go and get Johnny Rotten, shall I?“ A moment of silence passes. “Oh, hello, I’m Johnny Rotten! I’ll just go and get John Lydon for you.” Another moment of silence. “Oh, hello, I’m John Lydon! How are you?”

Unsurprisingly, the voices are identical.

Lydon has come a long way since his Rotten days, an era that he’s clearly …

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