Set List: J. Robbins walks us through Jawbox’s 1996 swan song

In Set List, we talk to veteran musicians about some of their most famous songs, learning about their lives and careers, and maybe hearing a good backstage anecdote or two in the process.

The artist: Although J. Robbins has done a lot in the 18 years since the band broke up—become a noted producer, played in numerous projects—it’s safe to presume that he will forever be mostly known for Jawbox. That speaks to the impact Jawbox had during a run that spanned eight years and four full-lengths, one that still lingers years later. It will get a boost from the new reissue of Jawbox’s self-titled album, originally released on Atlantic subsidiary TAG in 1996, but being rereleased by the band’s original home, Dischord Records. As Jawbox’s final studio album—the group called it quits in early 1997—it was the last one awaiting the …

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