Savage Love: Gymnastics in this week’s Savage Love

This is going to sound like bragging, but my appearance is intrinsic to my kink. I’m a gay male gymnast. Most of the guys on my college team are annoyed by the kind of objectification we routinely come in for. (We actually don’t want to be auctioned off at yet another sorority fundraiser, thanks.) But I’ve always been turned on by the thought of being a piece of meat. I’ve masturbated for years about dehumanization. Being in bondage, hooded, and gagged—not a person anymore, faceless, nude, on display, completely helpless. (Just typing that sentence made me hard.)

It finally happened. I found a guy on (which I discovered on your podcast, so thank you). He is into BDSM, which isn’t the goal for me, and he wanted to do some of “his stuff” to me while I was dehumanized and helpless. We …

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