Savage Love: Guys

Is it legal for a man to procure the services of a dominatrix? In the kind of session I have in mind, there’s no nudity or sexual activity or contact involved. There’s not even any whipping or flogging or caning or hardcore BDSM stuff. I just want to see what it would be like to be bound and gagged. That’s it. So is it against the law to pay a woman to tie me up?
Boy Into Nonsexual Domination

“The short answer is no, he’s not likely to be arrested for procuring the services of a dominatrix,” said Mistress Justine Cross, a pro-domme based in Los Angeles. “What BIND desires sounds totally legal and safe—he just needs to find a domme who is reputable (check out her website, read her reviews) and knows what she is doing in the realm of bondage. That said, I …

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