Roundtable: Let’s badger the one person on staff who has a Nintendo Switch with our questions

Nintendo’s newest system, the Switch, is set to debut in little over a week on March 3. Some of us at The A.V. Club are already fully on board and have theirs pre-ordered. Others are a little more hesitant. But thanks to a squandered genie’s wish, Gameological editor Matt Gerardi is the only one among us who has access to the handheld/home console hybrid. While he hasn’t had a ton of time with Nintendo’s new baby, in the land of the Switch-less, the guy who’s had one for three days is king. So Internet Culture Editor Clayton Purdom and staff illustrator Nick Wanserski decided to harass Matt with their questions about the system like the anxious children they are.

Nick Wanserski

Matt, the first time you had a chance to play the Switch, it was tethered to a wall to prevent some possible …

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