Recipe Box: The 20-minute freezer trick for juicier burgers

While Supper Club has espoused the wonders of the smashed burger, the classic thick, grilled, pink-in-the-middle patty remains the preferred tack among burgermeisters. With this approach, there is one goal above all others: Keep that burger juicy. It’s a binary proposition separating success from failure.

One way of achieving this is to use a cut of beef with a higher fat composition, such as chuck or ribeye, or even augmenting your beef with ground fat. Some may “hack” their patties by stuffing cheese or butter in the center. Others rely on technique, such as loosely packing the ground beef or touching it only sparingly once it’s on the grill. (Never press down on the patties!) But what about maintaining juiciness on a molecular level?

In the July/August issue of Milk Street Magazine (from former America’s Test Kitchen figurehead Christopher Kimball), staff writer Jenn Ladd mentions an …

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