Recap: Ex Hex, Godspeed, and some solid pizza: We visit Sled Island fest

Held every year for about the past decade in Calgary, Alberta, Sled Island is one of Canada’s best-kept festival secrets. A multi-venue affair held over most of a week, Sled Island is curated each year by a different artist who gets to slot a number of their favorite acts into the schedule alongside other bands. Last year, organizers tapped Kathleen Hanna, whose Julie Ruin played a number of dates. This year, Godspeed You! Black Emperor curated, bringing an eclectic mix of old garage, Tuareg jazz, post-rock, and world-music-infused punk to Calgary.

Because actual festival coverage can be such a bear—both to read and to process—for Sled Island, The A.V. Club is separating the wheat from the chaff and choosing to highlight just our seven favorite things, in no particular order, from the Calgary experience, be they desserts or bands. Like the Calgary Tower, these things really …

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