Random Roles: Josh Lucas on American Psycho, Russell Crowe, and the disastrous Poseidon set

Welcome to Random Roles, wherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. The catch: They don’t know beforehand what roles we’ll ask them to talk about.

The actor: Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Josh Lucas began his life miles away from Hollywood. He was not thrusted into the industry—nothing in his prodigious career has ever been handed to him. After starring in a string television programs throughout the 1990s, the Southern actor caught his defining break on the set of American Psycho, the polemical satire adapted from Bret Easton Ellis’ lurid novel. From there Lucas was catapulted into larger Hollywood properties. He has played a racially progressive basketball coach, a child murderer, right-hand men to geniuses, and, most recently, a mercurial bohemian in The Mend. For an hour Lucas described 15 years’ worth of work with clarity and pain.

American Psycho …

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