Preview: The A.V. Club’s risk-assessment guide to the 2015 fall movie season, part 1

Going to the movies is expensive. Back in April, The Wrap reported that the national average was $8.12 a ticket—and that was before the summer movie season, when IMAX and 3-D prices surely drove that number up. Factor in concessions, transportation to and from the theater, and—for some moviegoers, anyway—inflated babysitting rates, and seeing films on the big screen becomes a pretty costly pastime. It’s no wonder audiences often take a movie they didn’t like personally: They gambled their hard-earned cash on a night of entertainment and went bust. How is a film lover on a budget supposed to invest their money wisely?

That’s where we come in. In an effort to save you, dear readers, from going bankrupt on bad cinema, The A.V. Club has taken a long and hard look at close to a hundred of the biggest movies opening …

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