Preview: Caviar and Chance The Rapper: The VIP guide to the 2017 summer festival season

There are many reasons to go to a music festival. There’s the joy of the outdoors, the endless expanse of food vendors, and lest we forget, the luxury (and the music, we guess). This year, instead of putting together a qualitative list of the year’s best festivals, The A.V. Club has opted to highlight the ones that put a premium on, well, premiums. Have you always dreamed of floating in a stage-side hot tub while watching Chance The Rapper? We’ve got a fest for that. Do you want to stay in a “glamping”—that’s glamorous camping—bell tent instead of whatever you grabbed last minute from REI? We’ve got two fests for that, actually. Have you longed for a wine pairing that subtly accents the Foo Fighters’ performance of “Everlong”? You better believe we’ve got a fest for that. After all, you deserve …

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