Power Hour: The Built To Spill Power Hour

Power Hour distills discographies down to one tight 60-minute set, picking the big hits and deeper cuts from across a career, looking both to define who the artists are and to serve as a killer compilation.

When major labels started buying up alternative rockers by the bushel in the 1990s, few would’ve expected that two who’d hang around the longest would be The Flaming Lips and Built To Spill—and both still on the same label, Warner Bros. The two bands have remained successful in large part because they draw crowds when they play live, though their approaches are different. A Flaming Lips show is like a psychedelic circus, while Built To Spill has always been about three-to-five ordinary-looking dudes on a stage, playing loud and long.

A modest, hard-working guitar hero, Built To Spill frontman Doug Martsch has been known to fuss with songs off and on …

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