Power Hour: 60 minutes of music that sum up LCD Soundsystem

Power Hour distills musicians’ discographies down to one tight 60-minute set, picking the big hits and deeper cuts from across a career, looking both to define who the artists are and to serve as a killer compilation.

When James Murphy first started getting offers to take his LCD Soundsystem project on tour, he had to cobble together an actual live act, and teach his bandmates and himself how to perform songs that were originally studio creations, constructed piece-by-piece. In the concert film Shut Up And Play The Hits, Murphy tells interviewer Chuck Klosterman about this painstaking process of listening to his records over and over to work out the parts, until finally he and friends became, “The best LCD Soundsystem cover band in the world.”

But that’s also a fair description of how Murphy wrote and recorded those songs in the first place. LCD Soundsystem records are unapologetically derivative …

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