Power Hour: 60 minutes of Joni Mitchell’s jazzy, folky stories of romantic independence

Power Hour creates one tight 60-minute set from a musician’s discography or a genre, picking both big hits and deeper cuts.

For all the losses we’ve suffered in 2016, we can take comfort in this: Joni Mitchell is still with us. A year ago, that seemed unlikely. When news broke that the singer-songwriter had suffered a brain aneurysm back in March of 2015, her fans braced themselves, mentally preparing their tributes, wondering which lyric to quote and which aspect of her career to spotlight. None of that would’ve been easy for anyone who loves Mitchell. When she does go, she’s going to deserve an appreciation on the scale of a David Bowie or Prince (the latter of whom was a fervent Joni fan himself). But because she’s been less active musically over the past couple of decades, she may not get her due. It’s …

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