Power Hour: 60 minutes of deep cuts that show why The Monkees’ music still matters

Power Hour distills musicians’ discographies down to one tight 60-minute set, picking the big hits and deeper cuts from across a career.

The Monkees often get sidelined as an amusing footnote in the world of pop music, a “Pre-fab Four” that was hastily thrown together in the mid-’60s for a U.S. version of Beatlemania. But the four Monkees transcended their pre-fab status to become an actual band, and the transition is unlike any other in pop-music history.

The four were drawn together by an audition for a Beatles-esque show, which was inspired by the success of Richard Lester’s A Hard Day’s Night. The four young men who were cast consisted of two actors and two musicians. Davy Jones had witnessed Beatlemania firsthand: As the Artful Dodger on Broadway, he had the dubious distinction of opening up for The Beatles during their 1964 Ed Sullivan appearance. Micky …

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