Polite Fight: When Better Call Saul offers clues with no sense of where they lead

In the opening scene of “Cobbler,” this week’s installment of Better Call Saul, the camera lingers on the name “Rebecca Bois” written at the top of Chuck McGill’s sheet music. Is this a former collaborator? A lost love? We don’t know, and that leads Gus and John to praise Better Call Saul‘s penchant for planting little clues and allowing our imagination to fill in the blanks. Our Polite Fight debaters also poke around Jimmy’s new company car to see what portents lie in its cup holder, sunroof, and other accoutrements.

Once again, we’ll remind you of a couple program notes. First, if you’re watching soon after this video was posted, you’re seeing the copyright watermark from our screeners. That blight should disappear on Tuesday once the video is replaced with clean footage from the broadcast. And second, reader comments on Donna Bowman …

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