Polite Fight: Arya turns classic chase-scene pacing into a trap on Game Of Thrones

In Polite Fight, we examine the cinematic storytelling of our favorite TV shows, sometimes even fighting over them—politely, of course.

A comment from Loretta_West about the difference between suspending disbelief for natural and supernatural events on Game Of Thrones sparks a disagreement between John and Gus about whether or not it matters that this week’s episode, “No One,” failed to make Arya’s recovery believable. Regardless, both appreciate the sequence of spaces in the episode’s climactic chase scene, which John describes as a classic pattern of “narrow, wide, narrow,” with a minor twist at the end. In a similar vein, Gus breaks down the editing of Jamie’s scene with Edmure as “close, wide, close,” as he looks at how deft pacing and shot choices help elevate a pretty straightforward scene.

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