Podmass: Podmass’ 2015 superlatives, including awards for Obama and Charles Manson

Last year, podcasting saw a welcome increase in popularity, with notable newcomers both in podcasts and podcasting networks. This year, the hot streak continues, as our president took to Marc Maron’s garage for one of his most candid interviews, proving once and for all the worth of this medium—one that remains dedicated to the sincere, unifying power of the conversation. Podmass is celebrating these achievements by awarding accolades to a few of the best and brightest in this year’s class. Below are The A.V. Club‘s Podmass superlatives for 2015:

Biggest get: Barack Obama
WTF: President Barack Obama

Though President Obama has appeared on Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis, joked around with Jimmy Fallon, and has generally proved himself to be a genial and media savvy guy, no one would have guessed he would pop up on a podcast anytime soon, let alone one that …

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