Pick Six: 6 beers you should try this month

Pick Six is The A.V. Club’s monthly recommendations for the beers we’re currently digging.

This month’s picks turn a hopeful eye toward the promise of spring, while keeping a sweater handy for those days that are supposed to reach 70 degrees but top out at 49 (I’m looking at you, Chicago). There are some spring-appropriate ingredients in these beers, including rose hips, raspberries, lemongrass, juniper berries, cherries, and cucumber.

1. Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero IPA is a beer that Chicagoans apparently order more than any brew besides Miller and Coors (at least at places that use BevSpot cash register software). While that news initially shocked me, it made sense once I thought about it—after all, I do usually buy super fresh cans of it whenever I shop at Target. It’s a straightforward, modern, 6.5 percent ABV (alcohol by volume) IPA with strong hop …

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